The transferring of families is a very costly procedure, both to the PHA and to the families. However, it is the policy of the PHA to permit a resident to transfer within or between housing developments; when it is necessary to comply with occupancy standards; or when it will help accomplish the Affirmative Housing goals of the PHA. The transfer policy will be carried out in a manner that does not violate fair housing.

The process for transferring is as follows:

Residents requesting transfer to another unit or development will be required to submit a written request for the transfer.

Request must be made with your manager and a completed Transfer Request Form filled out.

Please provide all necessary documents for the transfer request:

  1. Location of Employment – Provide the address of employer
  2. Medical reasons – Doctor’s statement is required
  3. Domestic Violence – Police reports, letter from shelter

Once the manager has all the necessary documents, the request is then sent to the Director of Housing Management. Based on the Housing Authorities Occupancy Policy, Chap.8, pg.1-3 (A-F), the Director of Housing Management will determine if the transfer is approved or denied.

  • If request is denied the family will be sent a letter stating the reason for denial.
  • All outstanding charges/transfer fees must be paid prior to approval of transfer.

Resident Selection Department receives the approved request for transfer

  • All requests are arranged in chronological order by bedroom size.
  • There will be only one offer made to accommodate the transfer.