Bedbug infestations have become a serious problem in housing throughout the country. Public Housing properties are not immune to infestations; anyone or any home can get bedbugs. Early identification and reporting of infestations by residents to building management and neighbors limits the spread of bedbugs. Report the suspected activity as soon as possible, the longer you wait the more likely the problem is to spread and the more difficult and costly it will be to control.

Bedbug Procedure

1. Request must be submitted to the Maintenance Department for the unit to be inspected for Bedbugs. This request needs to come from the resident.

2. Inspection is performed and if Bedbugs are found, the Building Forman will go over the preparation sheet with resident and notified the manager of treatment dates.

3. Management and Resident will go over preparation sheet and schedule.

  • Resident must sign and receive a copy of Prep sheet and schedule.
  • Management sends signed copy of treatment schedule to maintenance.
  • When a copy is received in maintenance, pest control personnel will then add to schedule.

4. Building Forman will notify Management

  • If apartment has not been prepared to satisfaction of Pest Control Personnel, no treatment will be done and an action report will be filed with management.
  • Preparation list must be followed for all treatments unless notification is given.

**Breach of lease will be issued if Resident does not follow the process**

Bedbug Treatment Preparation List

1. All clothing, linens, bedding and pillows must be run through laundry at high heat, then bagged and sealed.

2. Mattresses and box springs should be stood up against wall.

3. Dressers ad night stands need to be emptied to allow drawers & bottoms of units to be treated – All closets need to be emptied and clear of debris.

4. All items need to be moved away from walls – 18” to 24” to allow baseboards and electrical outlets to be treated.

5. Remove all coverings from couches and chairs.

6. All floors must be swept and carpets vacuumed and loose items picked up to allow treatment of floor areas. Vacuum bags need to be removed, sealed in trash bags and removed from building after vacuuming is done.

Chemical Treatment

All residents and pets must be gone for at least four (4) hours for treatment. This includes birds, fish and any other living thing that could be affected by sprays used.

Kansas City Kansas Housing Authority has the right to refuse treatment if any or all the above requirements are not completed.