The KCKHA has a twelve-member Board, each appointed by one of the ten City of KCK/Wyandotte County Unified Government Commissioners or Mayor. Each KCKHA Board Commissioner serves a four year term.

The KCKHA Board of Commissioners meets at 12:00 pm on the third Thursday of each month in the Board Room at the KCKHA administrative offices, 1124 North 9th, KCK.  These meetings are open to the public.

The current Board consists of the following individuals:

Matt Watkins Chair District 7
Jimmie Banks Vice-Chair District 4
Cardelia Walker Commissioner Mayoral Appointment
Rachel Jefferson Commissioner District 1
Linda Warner Commissioner District 1(At-Large)
Patricia Anne McDonlad Commissioner District 2
Broderick Crawford Commissioner District 2(At-Large)
John D. Rios Commissioner District 3
Jacques Barber Commissioner District 5
Timothy Rhodes Commissioner District 6
Denise Tomasic Commissioner District 8
Charles Wilson Resident Commissioner Mayoral Appointment

Board agendas and approved minutes can be accessed here.