A payment standard is KCKHA’s maximum allowable monthly assistance toward a voucher family’s gross rent. The gross rent is the total of the rent charged by the landlord and the utility allowance (those essential utilities that are the family’s responsibility). KCKHA determines the amount of rent that is reasonable for a specific unit in comparison to similar units.

Payment Standards are assigned based on the bedroom size listed on the voucher. If the family selects a unit with fewer bedrooms than are listed on the voucher and the unit is not overcrowded, the voucher size is reduced to match the unit size selected by the family and the payment standard is reduced accordingly.

Voucher size                 Persons in Household

1 bedroom                    1-2

2 bedrooms                  2-4

3 bedrooms                  3-6

4 bedrooms                  4-8

5 bedrooms                  6-10