Procurement Procedure Summary

Small Purchases, less than $75,000.00, quotes or bids for materials, supplies, equipment, or services, may be solicited over the phone, by email solicitations, or prices may be obtained from internet sources.

Large Capital Improvement Contracts, over $75,000.00, the KCKHA prepares Invitations to Bid (ITB), or Requests for Proposals (RFP) documents for all new procurements of material, supplies, equipment, or services.  ITB and RFP Public Notices are advertised in local newspapers and sent to potential contractors on our contractor’s list.

The Public Notice, ITB’s and RFP’s documents will provide the following information:

  • When bids or proposals are due (date and time)
  • Prebid or pre-proposals meetings (date and time)
  • Where plans, specifications or bid packages can be obtained
  • Contact information to answer questions
  • Instructions for submitting Bids or Proposals
  • If there are any questions or amendments or modifications to plans, specifications, or bid documents, an addendum will be prepared and issued with answers to questions or any proposed changes to plans, specifications, or bid documents
  • All ITB’s, or RFP’s, and any addendums, if any, will be posted on this website

Taxes:  The Kansas City, Kansas Housing Authority is exempt, by state statutes, from all Kansas State Retailers’ Sales and Compensating Taxes.  Exemption certificates are available upon request.

Procurement Policy:
*See Kansas City Kansas Housing Authority Procurement Policy for the current and complete procurement policy.

Section 3 “X-Factor Preference:
The Kansas City Kansas Housing Authority has adopted a preference for Section 3 certified business in its sealed bidding of construction contracts. To be eligible for the preference business concerns must meet the following requirements.


To receive preference under Section 3, all business concerns must present Section 3 certification or documentation verifying such status in their sealed bid packet. KCKHA will honor documented certification provided by any metropolitan area municipality or contracting association. Any business seeking Section 3 preference in the awarding of contracts or purchase agreements with the KCKHA must be able to provide a copy of a Section 3 certification letter as evidence of eligibility for preference under the Section 3 Program. The certification and/or letter must be received from a source, local or nationally, authorized to provide Section 3 certifications.  The certification and/or letter must be submitted along with bid packages.

The Section 3 Business Concerns bid, includes all required information and document submissions required to determine it a responsible and responsive bid.

The X-Factor applies to procurement by sealed bids. Award can be made to certified Section 3 business concerns, IF their bid is:

  1. Within the project budget AND
  2. Not more than “X” percent higher than the total bid price of the lowest responsive bid from any responsible bidder.


X-Factor Schedule

When the lowest responsive bid is:
<$100K 10% of that bid
>$100K, but <$200K 9% of that bid
>$200K, but <$300K 8% of that bid
>$300K, but <$400K 7% of that bid
>$400K, but <$500K 6% of that bid
>$500K, but <$1M 5% of that bid
>$1M, but <$2M 4% of that bid
>$2M, but <$4M 3% of that bid
>$4M, but <$7M 2% of that bid
>$7M, or more 1 ½% of the lowest bid

*See Kansas City Kansas Housing Authority Section 3 Plan for current and complete plan.

 Invoice Payments: The KCKHA prides itself on its prompt payment of invoices. To ensure prompt payment, vendors or contractors should:

  • Make sure goods are delivered to the proper location noted in the solicitation.
  • Include with the merchandise, when applicable, a receiving ticket listing all goods included in the shipment.
  • Provide the KCKHA with a duplicate invoice, showing a proper purchase order number, a complete description of goods/services provided, quantity, unit price, and extension.
  • Send the invoice to the Kansas City, Kansas Housing Authority, 1124 North 9th Street, Kansas City, KS 66101.
  • The KCKHA requests and takes advantage of, all prompt payment discounts offered to the agency.
  • Invoice Payments for Large Capital Improvement Purchases must be on the required form documents and per the instructions provided in the ITB or RFP documents.