What is the Kansas City, Kansas Housing Authority?

We are the largest public housing authority in the State of Kansas, and manage 2,057 apartments and town homes in Kansas City for families, people aged 50 or better, and the disabled.  We were established in 1957 to make sure that everyone can afford an attractive place to live.

What are the apartments and townhomes like?

All of our units have been or are currently being remodeled and include new appliances and the latest in safety features like security doors and screens and safety glass windows.

What programs does the Kansas City, Kansas Housing Authority offer?

We offer a variety of youth and senior programs, as well as educational and job training services. Many of our family properties have Head Start, after school and summer youth programs, and other activities for children and youth.

Our residents who are age 50 or better enjoy weekly outings and other events through their Resident Association.

If you are interested in education or job training programs, talk to our managers.  They have information on a wide range of programs that can help you to get where you want to go.

How much is rent?

Our rental rates are set by federal law.  Currently, rent is based on your income, adjusted to allow for dependents, utilities and other items.  If your income goes up or down, so will your rent.

The Housing Authority Board of Commissioners has approved the use of FLAT RENTS for qualified residents.  If you do qualify, you may choose between the flat rent or stay with the traditional calculation (30% of adjusted gross income).  Please note, however, that a resident can only change rent options ONCE A YEAR.

Do I choose where I live?

Federal rules require that we offer you an apartment where we have the most vacancies.  However, if you are employed, we can work with you in order to place you close to your workplace.

Who can apply for housing?

You must meet the income requirements, be a citizen of the United States or have eligible immigration status, be at least 18 years old, and prove that you will be a good tenant.  In addition, you must not owe any money back to the KCKHA from a previous tenancy.

Where do I apply for housing?

The application offices are located next to the Administrative Offices at 1124 North 9th St in Kansas City, Kansas.  Our offices are between the Administration Building and Wyandotte Towers.  Look for the “Resident Selection” sign next to the high-rise building.  Our offices are open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Do I need to apply in person?

Yes.  You may print an application information packet and then call to schedule your appointment.  To do so, please call us at 281-3300 and ask for Tenant Selection.  You will then need to come to our office for an interview and complete your application.

What information do I need to bring with me when I apply?
The chart below lists the documents that you will need to bring with you. All of these documents must be turned in within 30 days of your application. Remember, it is a federal crime to knowingly report false information.
Information you will need to turn in when applying for public housing:
  • Picture ID for each person 18 years of age or older (current state ID or driver’s license)
  • Birth certificates and social security cards for each adult and child who will be living in the apartment
  • Present and past landlords.  Please provide the names, addresses (street, city, state, zip code), and phone numbers of your landlords for the past five years.
  • Suitability Reference.  Please provide us with the name, address (street, city, state, zip code), and telephone number of a reference.   This person can not be a family member.
  • Emergency Contact Person’s Name.  Please provide us with the name and address (street, city, state, zip code) of the person we should call in case of an emergency.
  • If you lived in public housing or Section 8 housing previously, we will need to know where you lived and when.
  • If you were divorced within the last two (2) years, we will need a copy of the divorce decree.
  • If you are pregnant or disabled, we will need a doctor’s statement.
We also need to verify your income and assets.  Please provide us with documentation for any of these items listed that apply to you:
  • Employment Income
  • School Verification
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Annuity(ies)
  • Foreclosure
  • Child Support
  • Social Security
  • Pension (Retirement)
  • Bank Account Verification
  • Welfare
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Railroad Retirement
  • Home Value (Tax Stmts/Appraisals)
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Child Care
  • No Income Statement
  • Self-Employment
How do I know if I'm accepted?

You will receive a letter offering you an apartment or a place on our waiting list.  If you aren’t approved, we will send you a letter explaining why you are not eligible for housing assistance.

Are applications updated?

Yes, we update applications once a year. We will send you a letter asking you to update your application information. If you do not contact us, your application will become inactive.