Mission Statement

The Kansas City, Kansas Housing Authority (KCKHA) helps families and individuals with low and moderate incomes achieve greater stability and self reliance by providing safe, affordable, quality housing and partnering with community services and agencies and promoting economic opportunity in a suitable living environment free from discrimination.

Agency Profile and History

The State of Kansas chartered the KCKHA on August 6, 1957.  Its historical roots can be traced back to five men who were appointed to serve as Commissioners for the Local Housing Authority.  They were Leonard Childers, Robert DeVero, Oscar Hall, Allen Sever, and Fletcher Speck.  Their goal was to establish a low-rent housing development in Kansas City, Kansas.

The first family development was built on a 33-acre plot located in northeast KCK in 1962.  A total of 390 units were built in Juniper Gardens, making it today the oldest and largest public housing development in the State of Kansas.  After Juniper Gardens was built, several other family developments have followed.

While the family developments were being built, housing for our senior citizens was in the planning stage.  The first elderly highrise, Wyandotte Towers, located at 9th and Washington, was opened in 1969.  Thereafter, six (6) additional elderly highrise buildings were constructed.   In addition, Welborn Villa, a ground-level complex, was built to accommodate individuals with disabilities. Please refer to Property Listings page for a complete listing of and further information about all of our KCKHA developments.

In the late 1970’s, the KCKHA began administering a federal rent subsidy program for eligible low-income households living in privately owned housing.  The program evolved into the Section 8 housing program.   Presently, the KCKHA owns and manages 2,047 public housing units, and administers over 1,600 Section 8 certificates and vouchers.

The KCKHA has a twelve-member Board of Commissioners that provides oversight to the agency and its staff.  One board member is appointed by the Mayor.  One public housing resident sits on the board as a voting member.   The resident is elected by his/her peers, then submitted to the Mayor for appointment.  The ten (10) remaining KCKHA Commissioners are appointed by the Unified Government Commissioners.

The administrative offices of the KCKHA are located at 1124 North 9th Street.  Applications for housing assistance can be made in the Resident Selection offices, located across the parking lot from the main administrative offices adjacent to the Wyandotte Towers building at 915 Washington Blvd. The entrance to the application offices is on the east side of the building (look for the blue flower pots!).   Office hours are from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  The main telephone number is (913) 281-3300.