Housing Operations

The KCKHA Housing Operations Department is comprised of three (3) divisions: Resident Selection, Resident Services (site management) and Maintenance. The Housing Operations Department is responsible for processing applicants, maintaining the Public Housing Waitlist, leasing eligible applicants, ensuring that both residents and KCKHA staff comply with all terms set forth in the lease agreement and providing quality maintenance to the sites, grounds and individual apartments.


When leasing eligible families, Resident Selection is responsible for assigning housing and determining rents for all residents based on household income and regulatory guidelines as required by law and enforced by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.


Public housing families pay 30% of their adjusted monthly income for rent or they may choose to pay a HUD determined regional “flat rent”. Click here to see Flat Rent Schedule.  Families that have utility obligations will receive a utility allowance that is deducted off their rent payment. Click here to see Utility Allowance Schedule.


Resident Services (site management) provides day to day management of Housing Authority properties. Property Managers conduct Re-certifications for all residents that are completed annually to ensure that rents are adjusted according to the current household income and regulatory guidelines as required by law and enforced by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Residents that incur income changes in between the annual certifications report the income change within 10-days of the occurrence and management adjusts the rent accordingly.


Maintenance responds on average to 21,000 calls for service annually.  The average time for Maintenance to respond and complete a work order is less than 24 hours.  The maintenance team strives to give residents and staff quality, safe and clean setting to live and work in.

The KCKHA manages and operates 2,108 households throughout the City of Kansas City, Kansas.  Click here to see a detailed listing of KCKHA Public Housing units.

Prompt response and fair treatment of applicants and residents makes a significant difference between mediocrity and excellence in residential housing management.  The Housing Operations Department team takes pride in its fair treatment of resident needs, requests and complaints; and works closely with the Finance Department and legal counsel to insure proper and efficient handling of all lease violations and enforcement of regulations.


Residents are expected to pay rent on time, honor their lease obligations and treat their neighbors and KCKHA staff with respect and courtesy.

With the recent addition of a Self-Sufficiency Coordinator and continued alliances with our partners in the field of human services, KCKHA is proud to offer public housing residents assistance and referrals of many sorts including:

  • Rent Assistance
  • Employment and Training Opportunities
  • Educational Opportunities (after-school and summer academic enrichment programs, college scholarships, cultural enrichment, sports and recreation, transportation to school or work, etc.)
  • Counseling (parenting, household budgeting, citizenship, consumer & credit counseling, etc.)
  • Homeownership Opportunities