Date:  26 October 2023

To:  All High-rise Residents

From:  Elaine Stroud, Director of Operations

Re:  Notice of pull cord removal

The Kansas City, Kansas Housing has evaluated the use and life span of the pull cord system in your building.  It has been determined that the pull cord system has reached operational end.

Due to the lack of resident use, it has been determined to remove the system from your high-rise.  This will require maintenance and/or a contracted vendor to enter your apartment to remove the pull cords and replace them will wall plates.

HUD states “there is no programmatic requirement for PHAs to install emergency call systems such as call for-aid pull cords, or modern wireless electronic notification system technology in any public housing property, including properties that are occupied by the elderly or disabled or designated for occupancy by disabled, elderly, or disabled and elderly households.”

It has been found that residents that need emergency contact are using modern systems that provide wrist or necklace deployment instead of using fixed positioned pull cords.

If you require assistance in acquiring a modern alert system, please contact Resident Services and speak with Glenda Jefferson at 913-279-3408.

This notice is to serve as your 30-DAY NOTICE of the pull cords in your apartment.  You will be notified and given a 48-hour notice when staff will be entering your apartment to complete the removal.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Elaine Stroud, Director of Operations at 913-279-3456 or Anwar Crockett, Assistant Director of Operations-Housing at 913-279-3432.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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