Proj # AMP * Project Name # Units
K1-01 51 Juniper Gardens 265

Trash Day: every Wednesday before 6am

Utilities: BPU & Kansas Gas Service

Cable & internet: Spectrum, AT&T

USPS: 550 Nebraska, KCK 66101 (800) 275-8777

Lock out (after hours): Smallwood Locksmiths
(913) 371-5678 (resident pays)

Important notice: FAQs

Site inspection notices: N/A

Filter replacement notices: N/A

Emergency repair notices: N/A


    1980 North 2nd St


    Click here to download form and email to hearings@kckha.org





          What exactly is happening at Juniper Gardens?

          The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is requiring the Kansas City Kansas Housing Authority (KCKHA) to remove Juniper Gardens from its public housing program. There is no plan by the KCKHA to demolish the property; however, the property will eventually be offered for sale. The KCKHA is required to use any proceeds generated from the eventual sale of Juniper Gardens to improve the public housing program.

          Why is this happening?

          The decision was made due to the age and condition of the residential units, continued low occupancy, lack of convenient services available to the community (transportation, day care, etc) and well known environmental concerns in the area. The KCKHA is confident it can provide additional housing opportunities to the residents of Juniper Gardens that include necessary and supportive services not available at the Juniper Gardens location.

          When will this take place?

          The KCKHA submitted the required application to HUD and is awaiting approval of the application. We expect to hear from HUD in May, 2021. Relocation counseling and help is available now to the residents of Juniper Gardens and will continue to be available. Some residents have already taken this opportunity to get assistance to complete their transfer to another KCKHA property. We anticipate the process of relocation the residents to begin in late spring to early summer of 2021. 

          How does this affect the residents of Juniper Gardens?

          All eligible residents will be relocated to other KCKHA properties, Section 8 housing with a Tenant Protection Voucher, or other assisted or private housing of their choice. All eligible residents will have choices for housing. An eligible resident is a resident who is listed on the lease and in good standing. 

          Who will pay for this?

          The KCKHA will pay for all relocation counseling, the transfer of utilities, and moving expenses. The relocation process will be handled by a company, CVR Associates, contracted by the KCKHA for the purpose of helping residents in their relocation. CVR Associates will also be able to direct residents to agencies that provide necessary or supportive services for a wide range of needs. To understand what properties and options are available, please contact Patrita Cummings, Asst. Vice President CVR Associates, phone (913) 359-8028 or email kckhalocation@cvrassociates.com

          What is my next step?

          The next step is to think about and determine your needs. How many bedrooms do you qualify for? What location is your preference? What services do you need? What other questions do you have that are not fund in the document? There are no bad questions, please feel free to ask anything you are concerned about. In preparation for your personal meeting with CVR Associates, please write down your needs and questions. 

          What if I am unable to find new housing that fits my needs?

          The KCKHA will relocate the resident to an existing public housing unit, assigning the resident Move-In Priority status on a property that meet their needs. 

          What are my moving options?

          The residents have the option to choose how they are moved. The KCKHA will provide the residents, through CVR Associates, moving materials (boxes, tapes, etc) free of charge. Moving choices include these 3 options:

          • Using the KCKHA contracted moving company to move the residents’ possessions anywhere within a 50 mile radius; elderly and / or disabled residents also qualify for packing assistance
          • Contract your own moving company and be reimbursed the actual expense, not the exceed the KCKHA contracted flat rate fee
          • Do-It-Yourself and be reimbursed per the Flat Rate Fee Schedule