It is KCKHA’s goal to procure materials, supplies, equipment or services at the best possible price in an open and competitive market. This page will provide additional information on all open procurement activities ongoing at the KCKHA.

You may receive more information regarding our procurement procedures or current procurement opportunities by clicking selections to the left.

New vendors are encouraged to participate in the procurement process. Vendors may contact our Purchasing Agent for general materials and/or equipment opportunities, or our Modernization Coordinator for modernization/capital fund procurement opportunities with the KCKHA. Either individual may be contacted by telephone at (913) 281-3300.

General Bid Information

Bidder’s List: Lists of vendors are maintained by the Purchasing Agent and by the Modernization Coordinator. Your firm may be added to the Vendor Bid List by writing, telephoning, requesting an application in person, or filling out our online application by clicking here.

Insurance and Bonding: Occasionally, the KCKHA will solicit bids that require insurance and bonding. When insurance and bonding are necessary, specific requirements will be shown in the solicitation.

Invoice Payments: The KCKHA prides itself on its prompt payment of bills. To ensure prompt payment, vendors should:

  • Make sure goods are delivered to the proper location noted in the solicitation.
  • Include with the merchandise, when applicable, a receiving ticket listing all goods included in the shipment.
  • Provide the KCKHA with a duplicate invoice, showing a proper purchase order number, a complete description of goods/services provided, quantity, unit price, and extension.
  • Send the invoice to the Kansas City, Kansas Housing Authority, 1124 North 9th Street, Kansas City, KS 66101.
  • The KCKHA requests and takes advantage of, all prompt payment discounts offered to the agency.

Sale of Salvage: Any obsolete materials, used equipment and scrap metals are disposed of by the Maintenance Department, using the Board-approved Disposition Policy.

Taxes: The Kansas City, Kansas Housing Authority is exempt, by state statutes, from all Kansas State Retailers’ Sales and Compensating Taxes. Exemption certificates are available upon request.

PDF Copy of KCKHA Modernization Dept – Bidder’s Info